Our Products

KEDEX is an Equipment Management System (primarily a Knowledge and Equipment Database), which can store the details, locations and histories etc. for all types of equipment, be it electrical, instrument, valves, motors, pumps, RV’s whatever.

The system allows all documentation to be referenced to the equipment; drawings, certs, photographs, additional information and through use of IS tablets makes it available to the operator in the field.

A layout drawing of your areas are scanned into the system, the locations of each piece of equipment can then be referenced by description, grid reference and GPS, this way you can see where equipment is read and understand through description and be guided to by GPS (to within a few metres).

Out belief is that if the operatives have all the information in their hands when they go to these jobs, the frustration is removed, the endorphins can flow and we can all get back to enjoying work again and simplifying the odd process along the way also encourages us all actually do them. We know for a fact existing convoluted systems discourage updating almost anything!

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